Bridge Joint System Introduction

FEBA Joint Systems

FEBA - is a standard asphaltic plug joint which provides a flexible, waterproof joint with excellent ride quality for road users and noiseless characteristics for minimal impact on the environment. Asphaltic plug joints are recognised as being suitable for a maximum design movement of +/-20mm horizontally and +/-1.5mm vertically (Highways Agency Standard BD33/94) and are ideal for use on bridges with low traffic volumes such as B roads.

FEBA HM - is a high modulus asphaltic plug joint suitable for low to medium movement on heavily trafficked highway bridges. FEBA HM is a special blend of bitumen, polymers, fillers and a surface active agent, formulated to combine good fluidity at process temperatures with low temperature flexibility and ambient temperature slump control. The use of basalt aggregates (BS EN 13043) ensures excellent load bearing capacity and high resistance to wheel tracking. This amalgamation of a highly flexible binder and single sized interlocking aggregate allows the system to provide excellent anti rutting characteristics.

Transflex Bridge Joint

The Transflex system is registered with the UK Highways Agency, the Scottish Executive and the Welsh Assembly for use on highway bridge decks on all classes of roads and motorways. (BD 33/94: Joint Type 5 refers). The Transflex system is included in the UK Highways Agency list of approved products SA1. Britflex Resin Mortar is also included in SA1 as an approved material for transition strips to all types of expansion joint.

USL Transflex bridge joints comprise of steel angles and a steel bridging plate system encased in a flexible elastomer. They are supplied in module lengths designed to be bolted to the structural concrete on either side of the expansion gap. A range of models are available to accommodate movement up to 330mm, providing a substantially waterproof joint and a smooth running surface.

Britflex BEJ Expansion Joints

The ‘BEJ’ Expansion Joint is a surface mounted mechanical system, with an elastomeric insert between two metal runners or carrier rails. It is unique in that the rails which house the insert are set into a rapid curing elastomeric resin compound known as Britflex Resin Mortar

Anchorage to the deck is achieved through the excellent bonding qualities of the polyureide resin, without the need for any mechanical fixings. The system has an unrivalled worldwide track record of in service-performance in excess of 30 years.